Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can I stop my car leaking oil?

It is a Volkswagen Passat TDI 1.9 Turbo Diesel. I've been topping it up for ages. I enquired about a re-conditioned engine at the local VW dealership and it about 拢2,500.00 approx $4000.00 Not worth doing as the car is a T reg.

Any ideas what I could do? Or any salvage yards in West Midlands U.K??

Oh well thought I'd ask.Can I stop my car leaking oil?
if the car is leaking oil change the gasketsCan I stop my car leaking oil?
Oh, my. An oil drip is usually either the sump gasket (easily changed) or a joint. Now, if you are asking about a car CONSUMING oil, not leaking, then, yes, you need to do some mayor engine work.

Try Google ';Second hand Passat engines';. See what comes up. I have bought an Audi 2nd hand engine for under 拢500.
take the oil out of the engine and it will stop leaking
Does it emit blue smoke if so its burning oil.~Or is it leaking oil you can check this by parking in a dry spot and placing cardboard under the engine leave over night you will soon see if its leaking oil.If its an oil leak you can get it fixed for much less than a recon engine.Regards Mick UK.
buy a newer car
dude my advice is buy a chevrolet
Engines are not designed to leak, something is causing it. Could be a seal, loose bolts, a gasket, several things. My best advice is clean it really well underneath (like at a do it yourself car wash) then either look for the leak yourself or have someone look for it. Once you find out where it is leaking, fix it. Good Luck
The reason you are leaking is because the compression is blowing past the rings. Engine wear. The only way to fix is a motor job. Really. Sure you could try for a salvage number and hope for one with lower miles.
U should save your money for a new car u have spent to much on this one there might not be hope
Why not have the engine rebuilt? Don't they do that in Britian?

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