Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is my car leaking engine oil and how do you prevent it from leaking?

i just sent my car to fix the leaking engine oil about a week ago.and now i think it;s leaking again.i notice a small puddle underneath the hood this's black in colour,so i;m guessin it;s engine there any way to prevent the leaking?i'm still a new driver,so when i drive the car,it's a manual btw,the engine will die at least once.cud that be cause?and is it safe to drive a car with leaking oil??i was playing to drive around town with my fren tmrw.Is my car leaking engine oil and how do you prevent it from leaking?
As long as you check the oil regularly and do not run it low, it's fine to drive it where ever you want to. My advice is to take it back to the place you have the oil leak fixed before.

Now the engine dying doesn't have anything to do with the oil leaking, you probably have a idle air control going bad. When you take it back to have the oil leak checked, have them also check that problem as well.

hope this helps!Is my car leaking engine oil and how do you prevent it from leaking?
Its possible that the leak is just oil left over from the first leak. It can stay on the engine for a little while. The first thing I would do is take it back to the shop I had it repaired at and see if they can find the source. Like I mentioned earlier it could be the previous leak. Killing a stick shift should not cause a leak. If the engine is leaking a small amount just make sure that the level of oil in the engine does not get low and it should be okay to drive to get it checked out. Make sure that you don't run the engine if it is low on oil it could cause major problems and ruin your engine.
it could be the drain plug,the pan gasket,or the oil filter,also check the crank seal.
if you have to drive with a oil leak check your oil before you leave every day-with the engine cold, on a level surface. add oil if it needs it. i would take your car back to the mechanic and tell them they didn't fix it and you are unhappy with the service they gave you
have the engine steam clean,have a technician inspect the leak.if the car was maintance properply,it will cut down the fluid leak.some vehicles will leak fluid in a short time depending on what kind of car you have. vehicles that leak fluid often are Ford,Chevrolet,Mitsubishi,Hyundai,Bmw,Me鈥?Honda
Take it back. They didn't get it fixed.
Your plug to the oilpan may be stripped - replace it and see if it helps.
No, not safe at all.

If you don't fix it, you won't have a car that works before long
i own a repair shop,and it sounds like one of the main seals leaking on it,,if its leaking a puddle that bad id take it back to who ever was supposed to to have repaired it,,i don't think they done their job well ,and yes it is dangerous to drive it,,because if you forget to add oil to it,,it will damage the engine it ,if it gets too low id just take it back and say here it is,,fix it right this time,good luck,i hope this help,s.,have a good x-mas.
take it back to the repair shop and have them fix it right,its not safe if its leaking lots otherwise check your oil often

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